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Our Class Leading Abergele Golf Course


Our Class Leading Abergele Golf Course

Located just minutes away from Tan Rallt Holiday Park is one of the best Abergele golf courses in the form of Silver Birch Golf Club.

Designed by Stuart Finney back in 1995, Silver Birch Golf Club is home to two 9 hole golf courses which very much make the most of the stunning North Wales countryside in which the club is entrenched. Golf enthusiasts can enjoy picturesque coastal and mountain views as they hone their craft on a course which has something for golfers of all abilities.

Absolutely no membership is required, you can simply pay and play on the two 9 hole configurations, each of which offers a very different challenge.

A Game of Two Halfs

The front 9 hole Abergele golf course was completed in 1995 and is your typical parkland configuration. However, the back 9 has a tree lined fairway and can prove to be quite a challenge, even for the most experienced of golfers.

Achieving the Standard Scratch Score (SSS) of 59 across the complete 18 hole golf course is quite the accomplishment and is certainly something to aim over time. One of the features you will no doubt be troubled by occasionally is the famous grand canyon which is played over a gauge with a stream at the bottom.

If you are a holiday home owner at Tan Rallt, it is incredibly convenient to head over to your local Silver Birch Golf Club meaning that you will no doubt have the opportunity to get plenty of practice in every time you visit your home away from home.

A Game of Two Halfs


Silver Birch Footgolf

There is still plenty to do at Silver Birch Golf Club even if you aren’t an ardent golfer as the club now offers customers the chance to play the increasingly popular game of footgolf.


Silver Birch is considered to be the best footgolf course in the whole of Wales and within the top 5 in the UK. In fact, so renowned is Silver Birch with this sport that it is home to the Footgolf Association of Wales.


If you are looking for things to do with children in Abergele, then footgolf at Silver Birch is a very worthwhile consideration, with the sport being far more accessible to youngsters than the more technical traditional game of golf.


Whilst you are on-site at Silver Birch Golf Club you are also advised to pay a visit to their fabulous eco-friendly clubhouse which serves a delicious selection of light bites and refreshing beverages. Whilst dining, you can take advantage of the exceptional views overlooking the surrounding North Wales countryside.