Relax and unwind

At Tan Rallt we pride ourselves in making sure our customers have the most comfortable experience possible. After a gruelling workout you might want to try out our state of the art sauna where you are able to relax and unwind.


The benefits of a sauna…

There are various benefits of using a sauna after a workout. The heat produced in our state of the art sauna rooms help to relax muscles and ease blood flow around the body. It aids with regards to recovery. Another benefit could be general weight loss. The room can be raised to pretty high temperatures without making the air humid. The extra heat will help you sweat more and ultimately help promote weight loss. Most importantly we make sure that the environment is 100% safe. After a session in our steam room and sauna you will leave feeling healthier in both mind and body.

So after a workout in the gym, a walk around the amazing views of North Wales or if you just want to relax, visit the Retreat Spa at Tan Rallt for first class comfort and a luxurious experience. For more information complete our contact form or you can give us a call on this number: 01492 817360.

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