Owners Advisory Notice – Weather Conditions

Owners Advisory Notice – Weather Conditions

1st March 2018

***UPDATE @ 4.29PM***

The snow is now really coming down here in Abergele. The snow is sticking and the wind is picking up. Please be careful, coming to the park is at your discretion – Please consider the weather and the condtion of both your car and the roads along your route.

***Owners Advisory Notice***

Some of you have already asked about the weather implications, so we thought we’d post on here and let you all know the latest:

Currently in the North Wales area, the weather is cloudy. We are expecting brief snow showers on and off over the next 24 hours with slightly heavier snow potentially arriving on Friday.

The current temperature is -3°C. It’s not expected to go above -2°C.

Due to the temperature being so cold, some, but not all of the pipes on some vans have frozen. We are of course working hard to solve any issues that have arisen due to these weather conditions.

The facilities are up and running.

If you do decide to come over to see us then we sincerely ask that you take care when travelling;

Please check the weather in all areas you will have to drive through before travelling.

Here’s some top tips for driving in snowy weather conditions:

Stick to main roads, where gritters have been out, and plan your route.

Use a Sat-Nav if possible, even if you know your way, it will update you of any bad traffic ahead and help you re-plan your route.

Visibility is key. Clear snow off all the windows and lights. You should also clear snow off the bonnet as it’ll blow back at the windscreen when you drive.

Look as far ahead as possible and if you think you’ll have to slow down, start applying the brakes very gently as you shift down through the gears.

Coming to park is at your own discretion. We will do everything we can to help should you need us!

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