Owner Exclusive Event – Murder Mystery Closing Party | Saturday November 23rd

Owner Exclusive Event – Murder Mystery Closing Party | Saturday November 23rd

9th May 2019

Owner Exclusive Event
Murder Mystery Dinner Event and Closing Party

It’s that time of year to start saying our goodbye’s so let’s go out of the 2019 season in style!


Dinner with a twist!

You will enjoy a delicious 3 course meal which will be interrupted by… A ghastly murder!

Murder Mystery

Some of you may have already attended a murder mystery event in the past and will know how enjoyable it is! If you have never been to one before then you are in for such a treat and a really fun, great night!
Solve the clues and expose the culprit to win a lovely bottle of fizz!

Owner Closing Party

After the murderer has been unveiled and the winner announced we will then resume the evening with great DJ Entertainment and catch up and say our goodbye’s to all our friends, old and new before the preparations for the park closing commence.

Don’t miss this amazing event – It’s set to be a brilliant night!

What time?

We would require you to arrive at 6.30pm sharp to be able to keep the event running smoothly and on time for the party.

Can my children attend?

This is the only event of the year that is age 18+. This is due to the nature of the event.
Your children may join for the Closing Party later if you wish to have them with you.

How do I find out more?

Just call us on
01492 511633
and speak to one of the lovely and helpful staff members in The Cliffs who will be happy to assist you with any questions.


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