Should you buy a two or three bedroom caravan?

Should you buy a two or three bedroom caravan?

2nd August 2017

Here at Tan Rallt we have a variety of new and pre-loved caravans at affordable prices. When thinking of buying, do you wonder weather to choose a two or three bedroom ?

I guess everyone goes through this debate when looking to buy.  Do I go with a bigger one or a smaller one?

Here’s some resons why you might buy a two bedroom
1. Easier to maintain.
Smaller requires less of your time, energy, and effort to maintain
2.Less time spent cleaning.
Less rooms= less cleaning time 🙂
3.Less expensive.
Smaller caravans are less expensive to purchase

Here’s some reasons why you might buy a three bedroom
1.Big Family.
When having a large family you will need the extra room fit everybody in!
2.Large group of friends.
When having freinds and family around you are going to need the space to accomodate everybody
3. Encourages family bonding.
A bigger caravan results in more social interaction among the members of the family

As with every decision, it really depends on your circumstances. Both are equally stunning! See below for a few examples. You can view all caravans by clicking here

Three Bed Paris 21 & Two bed Atlas Amethyst


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