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Yoga at Tan Rallt

Your Sense of Freedom

Looking for a way to make your stay at Tan Rallt that little bit different?

Yoga strengthens your body and mind and improves your flexibility, allowing you to learn more about your own body and relax in the process.

Tan Rallt Holiday Park is the only caravan park in North Wales (that we know of!) to offer personalised yoga sessions on site. We feel that the addition of offering yoga classes to our guests fits in perfectly with Tan Rallt’s ethos of relaxation, freedom and fun!

Whether you consider yourself an experienced yogi or you’re a small group of friends eager to give it a go for the first time, Cathy will be able to tailor your session to you! In dry weather classes can even take place outside on the top of our stunning limestone cliffs!

outdoor yoga pose

Cathy’s Philosophy

“It is important that individuals are recognised as such – no two people are the same and so no posture will be exactly the same for any two people. Postures (asana) are a vehicle which enable us to take our awareness internally, during which we learn to listen to our bodies which are ultimately our own best teachers. Emphasis is placed upon the non-competitiveness of yoga and students are encouraged to each find their own level and degree of intensity enabling them to move to their edge without pushing themselves too far or too quickly.”


Classes are by appointment only.

To book a one to one yoga session with Cathy call 07704 437 415

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